Monday, September 21, 2015

Excitement Equals Confetti

Excitement Hits at Random Times

Sometimes God throws some excitement in your life as if He were tossing confetti, and this past weekend was certainly no exception.

     My parents have recently moved to Midland so Laredo and I drove up there to see their new house and visit with them some on Saturday afternoon. However, some excitement confetti spilled over us and my car decided to completely die on us in the middle of an intersection, amongst some road construction on the way there.

                                                     The lovely area that we got pushed to.

     All in all it was quite event-full, we had the wonderful luxury of waiting for the wrecker to come pick us up for almost two hours(note my sincere sarcasm.)but in the end we were picked up by a really nice man and his young son and safely made it to my parents new house.

      That Monday before I went to SMASH, its a fun even that the Art Association here on campus put on every second Monday of the month. Taylor and I went and enjoyed it :)

                                                            I got my face-painted! :)

     Later this past weekend Laredo and I were able to enjoy some nice quality time for our nine-month anniversary, it isn't always on a weekend so we were able to take advantage of that. We ate dinner, and I made home-made, organic chicken nuggets for the first time! I've never made any before and it was actually pretty good if I say so myself lol

                                                           He blesses me everyday! <3

       The wonderful anniversary present/early Birthday present that he got for me!!! (This is a great movie by the way and you should all go see it!)

Work has been eventful as well with different photo-shoots, and articles to write but we certainly have some characters at work lol

                                                    The unsuspecting Jeremiah hehe

                                                      Overlooking my desk and Nicole and Jeremiah

                                                        The lovely Blaine!

                                                      Now he's posing! lol

    All in all life has definitely been exciting but always good. God bless everyone and have a great week! :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Stress, stress, stress....

      Life is definitely going... It's going faster than a speeding train, and sometimes I feel like I can't catch up to ride it.  Yet, I have to keep reminding myself that I'm almost done with school, and I'm almost married, and someday soon the train will slow down and I'll be able to gracefully walk onto the train instead of rushing and leaping.

       On the bright side though, I've got a bunch of Save the Dates envelopes addressed so that makes me feel accomplished. And I have finished writing all of my articles for the Wedding Connection issue.  Yay for that! I had a good weekend with my wonderful fiance and got to meet a lot of his family on his Father's side.  They're a fun group.

        All, in all life is good, it's just incredibly busy, but I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing; God is good, life is good...  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Internships and Triumvirates

      So some incredibly exciting news, I have received an internship!!! I will be a staff writer for a publishing house here in Lubbock, Texas. This is wonderful as it can open up a lot of golden opportunities and get me a foot in the door within my field. I shan't get into the details as far as how it all came about but I am rather excited. Hopefully this will lead to the fulfillment of my dream to be able to write articles from my own home after I am married! :)

      Happy day, happy day! In my classes I have been beginning to feel like a Law Student since I am taking a Contemporary Rhetoric class and a class on Constitutional Law. I have studying, reading, and discussing rhetoric, the sciences of persuasion, as well as court cases and legal jargon. It's certainly a challenge and I by no means wish to be a Law Student, but I am however enjoying myself immensely. As an example, a favorite quote from one of my favorite poets and rhetoricians:

                                           "There is no lighter a burden,
                                                 no more agreeable,
                                                        than a pen."

    Though he is not a part of the great Triumvirates of Rhetoric such as, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, he is perhaps my favorite. Besides he was a poet ;)

Monday, August 24, 2015

The First of Last Days

Wow two posts in one day, I'm feeling really accomplished. I did hint that there would be another one involving pictures and such so here it is.

   An important moment today was my very First Day of my Senior year!! My last "first chapel" I find it very strange that I have reached this point but at the same time I am soooooo excited to be here! I left school last time a simple incoming senior but I have returned as an engaged woman to a wonderful man. Such an exciting year its going to be :)

                                           My fiance and I before taking our Engagement Pictures :)

                                       A sneak peak of the wonderful pictures!
                                           One of my personal favorites :)
But enough of cutesy engagement pictures that the awesome Debbie Nevins took, now for pictures of my last-first chapel:

                                                                    Taylor and I :)

                                                                   Chealsie and I :)

                                                            Love this hahaha

                                                    Apartment Roomies :)

                                                                 Ali and I :)

                                                                   The big Chapel

           Well that seems to be all for now :)

Hello World

A clever title I know, how very original, but frankly my brain could not think of a more appropriate post title for this.

   This is the first blog I have ever had where it's actually just about me which I find slightly strange but I've decided that I need to try to keep up this blog and share small pieces of my life with my family and friends. Why the long, slightly poetic title? Well, mainly because those are just a couple of things that make me happy.
    Beautiful things are meant to create pleasure and enjoyment and seeing the sunshine stream through stained-glass windows, and enjoying the simple things in life like the subtle color of a rose-colored glass is one of the many things that we as a people should try to enjoy. I guess you could say I'm a believer in moments. The little moments when you are sitting around the kitchen table laughing so hard you're crying, or introducing your favorite movie to those you love. Those little moments in life are what creates an anticipation for the glories of Heaven and being with our Creator. I suppose all of that fancy stuff to say that this blog is going to be about all of those fun, sweet, sad, exciting, wonderful moments in my life.

    I am going to try and post pictures and such with most of my posts but this will be a simple, short and sweet one for now. Though later I will probably have one involving pictures :)

That's all for now folks!